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Please note that prices listed are subject to change at any time. All prices listed do not include NJ Sales Tax. Sales Tax applies and will be added at time of purchase.


Patriot $5500.-


9 year old, Paint, grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, brown & white


This horse has great ground manners and loves attention. He is ready to bond with his own person. He is a flashy mover and has an amazingly comfortable canter. He rides in the ring and loves to trail ride. A very nice all around horse, suitable for anyone.

Echo $5700.-


7 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.1+ hands, bay


This horse is beautifully put together and has a stocky build. He is a very quiet horse to ride and learns quickly. He is adorable on the ground, in your pocket and sweet as can be. He is fabulous on trails as this is what he has done the most of in his life but he is doing very well in the ring and learns quickly. He has been on off property trail rides. A very nice, eager to please all around horse with the potential to go any direction.

Hank $4900.-


12 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15 hands, sorrel


Hank is a very cute small horse with a great personality. He is nicely put together for a smaller horse. Hank is easy to ride and very comfortable to sit to, especially at the canter. He is a nice all around horse.

Ty $4600.-


12 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, sorrel


Ty is a very friendly horse with a stocky build. He is easy to ride and will go anywhere you want him to go. Ty would make a great horse for any family. He rides the same wether you ride him every day or once every couple of weeks.

Contigo $5800.-


8 year old, Belgian, grade, gelding, 18+ hands, sorrel with blonde mane


Very gentle big friendly horse, easy to work around. This gelding is broke to drive. Very handsome cool big guy, if you are looking for a draft, here is a fancy one for you!

Seminole $5300.-


8 year old, Paint, grade, gelding, 15.1 hands, sorrel with white


This horse is quiet and loves to trail ride. He is getting used to riding in the ring as well and is doing well. He is a push to go horse with a friendly personlity. Seminole has very pretty markings and is a nice little mover.

Jackson $4700.-


11 year old, OTTB, gelding, 16.3 hands, bay


Jackson has been there done that and will teach a less experienced rider. He is confident and knows his job. A very nice and easy to ride big horse English or Western. Push-to-go quiet ride and a nice moving horse with a super smooth canter. He is friendly on the ground and loves attention. Very quiet and relaxed even in a new environment or and does well off property. A rare kind of an OTTB and suitable for a lesson program.


Video Flat

Rambo $6200.-


3 year old, Dutch X, grade, gelding, 16.3 hands, bay


Rambo has been started under saddle on our farm. He wtc both ways and is an easy horse to bring along. He is very friendly and eager to learn. Rambo is a beautiful mover and suited for the dressage ring, definitely a show prospect.

He also trail rides and is very friendly on the ground and easy to work around. Rambo is a very nice horse to bring along and teach. He is ready to bond with his person.


Video WT

Geterdun $5600.-


13 year old, Quarter Horse Cross, grade, gelding, 15.1 hands, buckskin


Geterdun is a very easy to ride handy horse. He doesn't need much leg and likes to go to work. He neck reins and turns on a dime. He has a very nice steady canter. He is a very nice western broke horse, ring or trails but will ride English also. Geterdun will also excel at team penning or he would be suitable as a gaming horse. He has been on off property trail rides.


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Nick $5800.-


9 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.2+ hands, black


Nick is a beautifully put together black horse. He is an elegant mover and goes English or Western. Nick also trail rides. Nick is easy to ride and sit to. This horse will bond with his rider through working together. Once he trusts you, he will do anything for you. Nick is looking to bond with "his" person. He is more of a push-to-go ride.


Video Flat

Rhythm $5500.-


1.5 year old, Friesan / Dutch X, grade, gelding, 15.1 (10/10/2020), black


This is a young beautiful horse. He is friendly and has been handled a lot on the ground. He is easy to catch in the field and he stays quiet in a stall. He turns out well with others. He will grow tall and make a magnificient horse for someone looking to bring along a horse. Rhythm can be groomed, bathed, trimmed, led...

He was gelded in August of 2020.


short video clip of his movement

Kodax $6200.-


3 year old, Dutch X, grade, gelding, 16.3 hands, sorrel


Kodax is a big quiet very cute goofy horse. He came to us already broke to drive and he picked up the riding under saddle on our farm very quickly. He more of a spur ride, super quiet. He has a lot of suspension making him a great dressage prospect. He has seen more than your average 3 year old horse due to being driven prior to riding. He is nice on trails. This horse is green broke and will need finishing. His price will increase with more training. Kodax is nice to work around on the ground. He has a curious personality and loves to untie knots.

Argo $5100.-


2 year old, Dutch X, grade, gelding, 15.1+ (growing), chocolate bay


Argo is a friendly as a horse can get with a puppy dog personality. He is quiet and easy to work around on the ground you won't believe he is t his young. He loves grooming and bathing and is already broke to drive. We just started him lightly under saddle. He wt and turns and we have taken him on walk-trail rides. Argo is a very easy young horse to bring along. Nice mover. Don't miss him!


Video started under saddle

Video Logs & Bridge

Micholob $5900.-


2.5 year old, registered Haflinger, gelding, growing (14.3hh Sept.2020), palomino


Micholob is the half-brother to Nasdaq listed below. They are both very gentle and friendly Haflingers. These two horses drive together or single and they are both gentle to harness. They both have started under saddle wtc. Their price will increase with more training and riding. These two geldings are exceptional Haflingers you won't find anywhere else and they will grow tall for their breed. Micholob is a little chunkier built than Nasdaq.


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