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Please note that prices listed are subject to change at any time.

Feel free to email us at info@equestrianresolutions.com to learn about our travel schedule and where you can buy our horses.


A lot of our horses have been selling before we had a chance to even list them. Below is a summary of our young ones and new arrivals. Please email us at info@equestrianresolutions.com or call us for more info, thank you!

Feel free to inquire:


- 8 yo, Clydesdale, gelding, 16+ hands - not yet broke to ride

- 3 yo, QH, grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, dapple grey - started under saddle

- 3 yo, QH, grade, filly, 15.1 hands, blue roan - started under saddle, very quiet

- 3 yo, Fries/Perch X, grade, mare, 16.3 hands, black - just started under saddle


Call or email for prices and pictures on any of the above, we will continue to list them below as we work with them.




3 year old, Paint, grade, gelding, 14.3 hands, bay and white


Proudly offered for sale through:



View all his information on above link and click below for his sales video:

Pepper Sales Video

Red Justice


6 year old, Shire/DHH Cross, gelding, 16.1 hands, sorrel


Proudly offered for sale through:



Read all his info on the link above and...


Watch his 20 min video here

Fiera $4600.-


1 year old, QH, grade, filly, growing, sorrel


A young filly with a lot of personality that will make you laugh. She is super quiet, leads, stands tied, and loves to be groomed. She super cute and comes right up to you in the field. Fiera has been handled and been around people from a young age on, she loves attention.

Colton $4600.-


2 year old, QH, grade, colt, growing, chocolate palomino


If this horse could, he'd come live in the house with you. He is in your pocket, super trusting, always following his people everywhere looking for attention. He has been around kids and people from a young age on and he just loves everyone. He leads, stands tied, loves to be groomed... His color has been changing more and more towards a chocolate palomino. He is a very handsome horse with the cutest face and personality.

Brooks Lucky Cupid $4800.-


Born 2/14/2021, registered Paint, gelding, growing, red dun


This young gelding is going to grow into a very handsom tall long-legged horse. Lucky has been handled from birth on and loves his humans. He leads stands tied, loves to be groomed... He has had a great start in life and will do well in the future. He is truly very very sweet but still respectful and well behaved for his young age. Please contact us for more details on his breeding.

Splash $2500.-


1 year old, large pony, grade, filly, spotted


Large ponies are hard to come by. Splash also has a very special color. She is a well put together girl. She has not been started yet. Splash and Cloudia can sell together at a discounted price for the two.

Cloudia $2500.-


2 year old, large pony, grade, filly, gray


Large ponies like Coudia and Splash are hard to find. Coudia is a very fancy mover and has the color to go with it. She is very athletic. She has not been started yet. Coudia can sell together with Splash at a discounted price if bought together.

Kilgore $3200.-


3 year old, Paint, grade, mare, 15.1 hands, sorrel & white


This mare is pretty as a picture, just put together nicely. She is a cute mover and has a ton of potential. She has not yet been started. Her markings and build make her a great breeding prospect too.

TC Lexy Jade $5800.-


Born 3/11/2021, registered QH, colt, growing, bay roan


This handsome young colt is out of the Hancock line and is very well bred. He is not yet halter broke. Please contact us for more info on his career path and more details on his line of breading.

Duchesse $3600.-


3 year old, gaited, mare, 15 hands, bay


Duchesse is pretty as a picture with great, compact conformation and she has been started under saddle. She loves to trail ride and isn't afraid of anything. She is a gaited horse. She has nice quiet walk and will canter right off too. She is very comfortable and balanced at all her gaits. Duchesse is also nice to work around on the ground. A very easy fun horse to be around and ride.

Orion $6200.-


3 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 14.2 hands, palomino


Orion is a very quiet and friendly young horse. He is great to work around on the ground, groom, bathe, tack... you name it.  He has been started under saddle and will wtc quietly. He has been ridden in the ring and out on trails and nothing seems to phase this precious little man. His price will increase with more training, grab him now and finish him your way.

Zeus $6500.-


3 year old, Draft Cross, greade, gelding, 15.3 (3/2022), growing, white


Zeus is a very cool young horse. He is white and has 2 dark blue beautiful and very special eyes. He is a nice horse to work around and is learning quickly. He has been under saddle as of 3/29/2022 and has been started right here on our ranch. Zeus is a nice mover and has a ton of potential... make him what you want him to be! His price will increase with more training.

Oscar $4800.-


3 year old, Crossbred, grade, gelding, 16 hands, sorrel


Oscar is as sweet as they come and all he wants is to be loved and get attention. He is a beautiful young horse and has just been started under saddle in late January 2022. He has a natural head set and is an elegant mover. He is a very comfortable ride with an exceptional small canter for a big guy. He moves lightly and with elegance and has absolutly no clunkyness to him even though he is a big horse. This horse has a ton of potential. Take him and make him what you want him to be. He can go any direction and eager to learn and please his new owner.  Price will increase with more training.

Rhythm $4100.-


Born in 2019, Friesan/DutchX, grade, gelding, 15.3+ (March 2022), black


This is a young beautiful horse. He is friendly and has been handled a lot on the ground. He is easy to catch in the field and he stays quiet in a stall. He turns out well with others. He will grow tall and make a magnificent horse for someone looking to bring along a horse. Rhythm can be groomed, bathed, trimmed, led...

He was gelded in August of 2020. He has been off property and led around busy show grounds on multiple occasions. Trailers very quietly. Price will increase with more training so grab him now. Friesan Crosses are hard to come by.


short video clip of his movement (2020)

short video of his canter (2021)

clip March 2022


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