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Please note that prices listed are subject to change at any time.

Feel free to email us at info@equestrianresolutions.com to learn about our travel schedule and where you can buy our horses.


*Please see bottom of this page for terms and conditions on buying a horse from us. Thank you!


A lot of our horses have been selling before we had a chance to even list them. Feel free to inquire about not yet listed horses. Please email us at info@equestrianresolutions.com or call us for more info, thank you!



Ramiro - Call for pricing


7 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, red roan, 15.2 hands


This horse is as easy as they come. Anyone can ride him. He is quiet, comfortable to sit to and super safe. He will go anywhere you point him, ring or trails, through water, down ravines, across open fields or densly wooded areas and he is used to cattle, dogs and other animals. He will stay calm no matter how worked up any other horse around him gets.


Video Ring & Obstacles

Dune - Call for pricing


2 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, buckskin, growing (15.2 hh in Oct 2023)


It this horse were human he would have a career as a comedian. Dune absolutely loves people and will go everywhere you go as long as he can be with you, he is happy. Dune is a very handsome big and tall to be horse. He has lightly been started under saddle here with us and is enjoying riding with his favorite humans. He also absolutely loves water and will go right in the pond. A horse with a lot of potential with a very special personality.

Agha - call for pricing


2 year old, registered Half-Arab, bay, gelding, growing (14.2hh in fall of 2023)


This is a super friendly, in your pocket kind of gelding. He leads, ties, loves attention and grooming, stands to bathe, picks up his feet. He has had a great start in his life and has already been lightly started under saddle and will wtc still riding bitless but has had a headstall on with a snaffle. He trusts his human and tries to please no matter what.


Video Agha

Melody - call for pricing


12 year old, Walking Horse, grade, mare, palomino, 15.1 hands


Melody is friendly and people loving. She loves to be groomed and loves attention. She rides for anyone ring or trail. She is a super smooth ride being gaited and an amazing trail horse. She goes anywhere you point her alone or with others and crosses water.


Sales Video Melody

Sprinkles - call for pricing


5/13/2021 registered TB filly, grey or roan


Sells with papers. Extremely friendly young filly. Has been started under saddle in April of 2023. Very interesting color to grow into either a grey or roan horse. Sprinkles will follow you around like a dog and loves attention, good for farrier and to groom and lead. Her price will increase with training. Well bred TB. Never raced.

She trail rides and isn't afraid of anything, this horse has a ton of potential just needs miles.


Sales Video

Heartland - call for pricing


5/27/2019, reg. SDHR filly, bay & white, will grow tall


Heartland has started under saddle in April of 2023. She has the potential to go any direction and shows to be very athletic. She has a very desireable thick build. Nice prospect as a hunt horse or for the dressage ring.



Bradshaw - call for pricing


5 year old, reg. paint, gelding, bay & white, 15.1 hands



Brad is a friendly as they come and will follow you everywhere. He has been under saddle since spring of 2023 and has been started here with us. He has been a very easy horse to teach and loves to be around people. He moves lightly and has floaty gaits, making him a show-ring prospect. He is gaits are very comfortable to sit to. He also trail rides and loves to venture out. He is a safe horse to be around and ride ring or trails and a very beautiful horse with his life ahead of him. His price will increase with more training.


Video here

Colton - call for pricing


2 year old, QH, grade, colt, growing, chocolate palomino


If this horse could, he'd come live in the house with you. He is in your pocket, super trusting, always following his people everywhere looking for attention. He has been around kids and people from a young age on and he just loves everyone. He leads, stands tied, loves to be groomed... His color has been changing more and more towards a chocolate palomino. He is a very handsome horse with the cutest face and personality.

Cloudia - call for pricing


4 year old, large pony, grade, filly, gray


Large ponies like Coudia are hard to find. Coudia is a very fancy mover and has the color to go with it. She is very athletic and can out-jump her own size. She has not been started yet and is only halte broke. Coudia is a nice project for anyone wanting to bring along a large, fancy pony.

Kilgore - call for pricing


4 year old, Paint, grade, mare, 15.1 hands, sorrel & white


This mare is pretty as a picture, just put together nicely. She is a cute mover and has a ton of potential. She has been started under saddle in 2023 here with us. Her markings and build make her a great breeding prospect too. Barrel or gaming prospect. This horse will turn on a dime and can run very fast if asked to.


Sales Video

TC Lexy Jade - call for pricing


Born 3/11/2021, registered QH, colt, growing, bay roan


This handsome young colt is out of the Hancock line and is very well bred. He is not yet halter broke. Please contact us for more info on his career path and more details on his line of breading.

*Terms and conditions when buying a horse from us


First of all, thank you for considering one of our horses. Whether you come out in person to try our horses or buy off a video advertised online or on a 3rd party site, please read below so you know how we handle our sales and what to expect.


Once you decide to buy a horse, we issue a Bill of Sale. At that point in time, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required and will hold your horse for 7 days from the date on the bill of sale, i.e. if someone else comes out to see horses, we will not show the horse you put a deposit on during those 7 days. Our horses sell with our PPE included and provided by us. Within 10 days from signing the bill of sale your payment in full is required and the horse has to be picked up. If it doesn’t get picked up within 10 days our boarding fees of $20/day start on day 11, as well as any other service fees for grooming, bathing, farrier, vet and training, those will all become your responsibility.


Unless otherwise specifically stated on the Bill of Sale you signed, these terms, conditions and timelines apply.


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