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Please note that prices listed are subject to change at any time. All prices listed do not include NJ Sales Tax. Sales Tax applies and will be added at time of purchase.

All horses listed below are also available for on-farm-partial-lease.


Mr Tee J Bar $5900


8 year old, registered Quarter Horse, gelding, 16.1 hands, sorrel


Tee J is a big and quiet horse. He is very handsome. He will ride English and Western, a bit more of a push to go, and he loves his trail rides. Tee J is comfortable to sit. Nice husband horse or anyone looking to own their first horse.

Shadow Brown $4900


4 year old, registered Quarter Horse, gelding, 14.2 hands, chocolate bay


Brownie is a quiet young and small horse. He is very easy to ride for his young age and has a curious and friendly personality. Pretty mover! His color is very pretty and he has a very cute face. Brownie rides English and Western and loves to trail ride. He would make a nice family addition.

Red Boy $4200


4 year old, registered Quarter Horse, gelding, 15.2 hands, sorrel.


Very sweet Quarter Horse gelding, born in June of 2014, very broke to ride for his age. Dusty walks, trots, canters quietly and collected on the bit in both directions, backs up and is used to a lot of things outside the ring. Rides in a snaffle. Very friendly young horse. He has been off property on trail rides.

Fancy Velvet $4200


10 year old, Quarter Horse Cross, mare, 15.1 hands, sorrel


Fancy Velvet is a very pretty girl. She loves attention and will walk up to you in the field. She is easy to ride and knows her job. Rides western or English and all you need is a snaffle. Come and meet Fancy!


MPB Dip Coco Gator $8300


10 year old, registered Quarter Horse, gelding, 16.3 hands, palomino


A very quiet, friendly, big horse ready to bond to his new mom or dad. Gator is super broke to ride and very well trained. He goes English and Western, bridles up easily and rides very quiet and collected. Rides in a snaffle, push botton with smooth gaits for a big horse. He is an eye catcher with his color and build and would stand out in the show ring. Nice on trails.


Video Western in a Snaffle

Bansky $7500


6 year old, registered Appendix, gelding, 16 hands, sorrel


This horse is as flashy as they come. He is a big, beautiful and elegant horse. Bansky is very sweet and you will fall in love with this horse right away. If you are looking for a dressage prospect, look no further! Bansky rides English or Western and is very easy to ride. He is a very quiet horse. He loves to trail ride too.


Video English flat, snaffle

Bud Light $4800


9 year old, Paint Cross, gelding, 15.2 hands, sorrel & white


Bud Light is a very friendly horse with a kind eye. He loves attention and will walk right up to you. He rides English and Western, ring and trails. Bud Light is an elegant mover with potential for the Dressage ring with more training but he is also suitable as a family addition or for a therapy program due to his kind and extra quiet personality. His gaits are extremely smooth to sit to, especially for a horse with an elegant stride. Dont' miss this special guy!

Impressive $4500


12 year old, registered Quarter Horse, gelding, 15.3 hands, palomino


Very elegant horse, with flashy, floating gaits and with a super smooth collected canter. He stands out amongst other horses. He rides English or Western. Take him to the show ring or enjoy this horse on a hunter pace. Suited for jumping and has experience jumping. This horse loves to jump. He has a soft mouth and is self motivated. Excellent behaviou off property. HYPP N/N.


off property western schooling video, first time off property

Jumping Clip

Golden Boy $3500


12 year old, registered Paint, gelding, 15 hands, palomino


This horse is very friendly and easy to ride for everyone in your family; kids-friendly and safe horse. He goes English and Western and likes to jump. He takes care of his rider and has very comfy gaits. You can even ride him bareback and in a halter and just have fun. Golden Boy has been on numerous trail rides and hunter paces.


Video flat and jumps

Video Bareback & Halter + X-rail

Cooper $ 4600


7 year old, Paint Cross, gelding, 15.2 hands, sorrel.


This horse is an eye catcher and stands out with his build. Mystery is very elegant and has floating gaits and rides English or Western. He is a quiet horse, yet responsive. He is extremely smooth to sit to. He would make an excellent show prospect. Nice on trails.

Benteyga $7500


6 year old, Warmblood/Paint Cross, gelding, 16 hands, bay&white


This horse is very flashy. A big, quiet eye-catcher. He rides very quiet and is easy to sit to, especially for a big horse. He has a quiet rocking horse canter. Benteyga rides quiet in the ring and on the trails and has a ton of potential for the show ring, especially suited for Dressage.


Video Western / Dressage (snaffle)

Arvo $5300


6 year old, Quarter Horse Cross, gelding, 15.2 hands, chestnut


Super stocky horse, nicely put together. Arvo has a very kind eye, loves people and is a super quiet horse. His build and temperament makes him a suitable option for a therapy program. He is a nice mover and easy to sit to. Ride him English or Western, Ring or trails.


Video Wester in a snaffle

Video X-rails from Trot and Canter


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