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Please note that prices listed are subject to change at any time. All prices listed do not include NJ Sales Tax. Sales Tax applies and will be added at time of purchase.


Baileys $7300.-


9 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, cream


Baileys will catch your eye with his blue eyes and light color. He is nice and safe all around horse, well broke to ride ring and trails. He is quiet and a nice mover. Baileys has a nice head set when under saddle. Don't miss this special looking horse.

Disco 7200.-


8 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.1 hands, bay


This horse is as sweet and safe as they come. He is quiet to work around on the ground and safe for a beginner to learn everything you need to learn to get started with horses. He rides quiet ring and trails. Disco would make an excellent addition to any family or lesson barn. He also neck reins and has a very nice slow canter.


Video English Flat

Flynn $5200.-


5 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.1 hands, red dun


Flynn has been started under saddle a little later than most horses but is doing great and learning quickly. He is very motivated and will go right to work. Flynn is built nicely and has comfortable gaits. His super cute face and personality will catch your attention. He bonds easily. Flynn has been on trails also. Nice project for someone to finish off, could go any direction.

Largo $5900.-


10 year old, Belgian Draft, grade, gelding, 17.2 hands, sorrel


Largo is a big quiet draft to ride and drive. He is very easy to ride and will go anywhere on the trails. He would make an ideal husband horse. He is big and will carry a taller person easily. Largo is sweet but he needs a little time to bond with his person. Once he knows you, he will do anything for you. A very safe mount.


Video Ring

Video Trail

Emperor $7900.-


4 year old, Shire Crossbred, grade, gelding, 16.1 hands, black


Emperor is stunningly beautiful looking horse, put together perfectly. He is the dressage prospect you have been wating for. He was broke to drive but has been started under saddle. He is quiet and an amazing mover. Emperor has a great personality, he is friendly, respectful and well behaved on the ground and likes his humans. Don't miss this horse while he is still affordable!

Just Chill $6500.-


born 2/22/2019, registered Dutch Harness, gelding, (15.2 hh 3/2021)growing, bay


Just Chill is a fancy as they come and will grow into a tall beautiful horse. He is a beautiful mover and has a very quiet disposition. He is curious and very friendly wanting to please. Just Chill is being handled daily, leads, ties, stands quiet to groom etc. Start him under saddle yourself and make him into your fancy show horse or just enjoy him as new family member.


Video Movement

Icon $3500.-


born 5/20/2020, Belgian/Dutch X, grade, colt, (13.2 hh 3/2021) growing, sorrel


This young colt will catch your eye right away. He is a very fancy mover and won't miss a chance to show you his fancy trot. Icon is broke to lead and gets handled every day. He is a nice prospect for anyone wanting to bond to a young horse and bring it along. A very handsome colt with his entire life ahead of him.


Video Movement

MAGA $4900.-


5 year old, Dutch Crossbred, grade, gelding, 16.3 hands, black


MAGA is a very friendly and respectful horse. He is easy to work around on the ground, easy to get in the field, groom and stands quiet to harness. He drives and will go down the road with an elegant stride. He is light on his feet and an amazing mover which makes him a dressage prospect. MAGA is just starting under saddle and his price will increase with more training. Broke to drive.


Video Movement

Video Driving on Farm

Video Driving on Road

Video under saddle WT

Optimist $6200.-


6 year old, Crossbred, grade, gelding, 16.3 hands, bay


This horse is a big quiet beautifully put together horse. He is quiet and friendly, easy to work around and harness. He will drive anywhere you want him - take him right downtown. Optimist is a nice mover with a floaty trot and not too much knee action. He could go any direction. Optimist is being started under saddle now. Grab him now while he is still affordable.


Video Movement

Video Driving Farm

Video Driving Road

Diesel $4200.-


10 year old, Crossbred, grade, gelding, 16.1 hands, bay


Diesel is a very sweet big guy who loves to be around people. He is very well behaved on the ground and will come up to you in the field. Diesel rides and drives. He rides quiet and will go anywhere you point him. Diesel is learning to canter under saddle in the ring, he is a very safe horse will keep you safe wherever you go while exploring the trails.


short video clip W/T

video driving on the farm

video driving on the road getting "diesel"

Jackson $4700.-


11 year old, OTTB, gelding, 16.3 hands, bay


Jackson has been there done that and will teach a less experienced rider. He is confident and knows his job. A very nice and easy to ride big horse English or Western. Push-to-go quiet ride and a nice moving horse with a super smooth canter. He is friendly on the ground and loves attention. Very quiet and relaxed even in a new environment or and does well off property. A rare kind of an OTTB and suitable for a lesson program.


Video Flat English

Video Flat

Rhythm $5500.-


Born in 2019, Friesan/DutchX, grade, gelding, 15.1 (10/10/2020), black


This is a young beautiful horse. He is friendly and has been handled a lot on the ground. He is easy to catch in the field and he stays quiet in a stall. He turns out well with others. He will grow tall and make a magnificient horse for someone looking to bring along a horse. Rhythm can be groomed, bathed, trimmed, led...

He was gelded in August of 2020.


short video clip of his movement

Argo $5100.-


3 year old, Dutch X, grade, gelding, 15.1+ (growing), chocolate bay


Argo is a friendly as a horse can get with a puppy dog personality. He is quiet and easy to work around on the ground you won't believe he is t his young. He loves grooming and bathing and is already broke to drive. We just started him lightly under saddle. He wt and turns and we have taken him on walk-trail rides. Argo is a very easy young horse to bring along. Nice mover. Don't miss him!


Video started under saddle

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