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*Please see bottom of this page for terms and conditions on buying a horse from us. Thank you!


A lot of our horses have been selling before we had a chance to even list them. Feel free to inquire about not yet listed horses. Please email us at info@equestrianresolutions.com or call us for more info, thank you!



Namur - call for pricing


12 year old, Belgium, grade, gelding, 17.1 hands, blonde


Namur is a gentle giant. He is easy to groom, bathe, pick up feet, tack, load... He stands to mount and he rides around nicely. He has a very exceptionally small canter for a big horse, like a rocking-horse, both ways. If you like a big horse, this one is very easy to be around and ride.

Winston - call for pricing


3 year old, QH/Arabian cross, gelding, bay, 15.2 hands


Winston is a very laid back and prescious gelding. He is very friendly and loves to be groomed and has been excellent about picking up all 4 legs from day one we started halter breaking. He leads and started ground-work in April of 2024 and will soon be riding. He has been out on long walks with our side-by-side and he loves to explore the ranch and even watch the guys do work with the excavator. We can't wait to go on trail rides with him.

Boomer - call for pricing


3 year old, Crossbred, gelding, blue roan & white, 15.1 hh (growing)


This horse is very people oriented and super friendly. He just loves to be with you all day long and do things. He has been started under saddle and he has been the easiest horse to teach, it was like he already knew how to ride. It is all because he just loves his human-time. Nothing bothers him and he has been exposed to all our toys and obstacles and has been out for walks in the country and through water. A very special young horse with all the looks.

Hazel - call for pricing


4 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, mare, bay, 15.2 hh


This mare is a quiet ride and rides with or without a bit, just have fun and hack out in a halter if you like to do that. She is a nice size and will go anywhere you point her. Easy for anyone to ride even someone still learning. She would make an excellent lesson horse too. She rides the same whether you ride her every day or once a week.


Sale's Video Hazel

Colton - call for pricing


4 year old, QH, grade, colt, growing, chocolate palomino


If this horse could, he'd come live in the house with you. He is in your pocket, super trusting, always following his people everywhere looking for attention. He has been around kids and people from a young age on and he just loves everyone. He leads, stands tied, loves to be groomed... His color has been changing more and more towards a chocolate palomino. He is a very handsome horse with the cutest face and personality. Very quiet disposition. Started under saddle here with us in January of 2024.

Bella - call for pricing


3 year old, Clydesdale Cross, filly, bay, growing


This is a super friendly and cuddly young filly. She has been started under saddle in early 2024 and is very easy and safe to be around and ride. Grab her now while she is still affordable. In your pocket, beautiful and kind horse.

TC Lexy Jade - call for pricing


Born 3/11/2021, registered QH, colt, growing, bay roan


This handsome young colt is out of the Hancock line and is very well bred. He is halter broke. Please contact us for more info on his career path and more details on his line of breading.

TC Double Krease - call for pricing


5 year old, registered, Quarter Horse, gelding, blue roan, growing


This young gelding is friendly and halter broke. He has a compact build with a beautiful head and kind eye. Grab him while he is still affordable with his color. Blue roans are hard to come by. Bred well out of Hancock.

Fancy Blue - call for pricing


3 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, filly, blue roan, growing


This filly is very friendly, laid back and curious, always wanting to know what you are up to. She is broke to lead. Another young prospect with a special color!

Cajun - call for pricing


3 year old, Paint, grade, colt, black & white


Not yet halter broke. Super fun personality, always up to exploring something out in the pasture and loves to swim across the pond.

Cadillac - call for pricing


3 year old, Draft Crossbred, gelding, dun, growing


A quiet stocky young draft cross gelding, not yet halter broke.

Pumpkin - call for pricing


Born 10/6/22, Quarter Horse, grade, filly, red dun


Pumpkin was born on our ranch on 10/22/23. Her mom "Ginger" is a stocky dun  Quarter Horse grade mare and stood at 15.1 hands. She is very easy to be around, ride and very quiet. Ginger has since sold and Pumpkin is growing up in our fillies' pasture. She is very well put together, has been around us from young on and we can't wait to work with her.

Poncho - call for pricing


3 year old, paint, grade, colt, sorrel & white


A halter broke, friendly, easy to handle young colt.

Toffee - call for pricing


3 year old, Belgian Draft Crossbred, filly, blond sorrel


This horse is very special. While she is not yet halter broke, she will follow you everywhere you go, she loves to be petted and touched and doesn't want her human to leave. Super friendly and always making us laugh.

Thor - call for pricing


3 year old, Draft Crossbred, colt, red roan, will grow into a big horse


This colt is friendly and quiet natured and is broke to lead. Will grow tall.

Amber - call for pricing


Born in 3/2023, Quarter Horse, fily, sorrel


A beautifully put together young filly, not yet halter broke but very friendly, comes up to be petted.

Amira - call for pricing


5/18/22, registered Half-Arab, filly, bay


This filly is halter broke, broke to groom, wash, pick feet and super sweet to be around. She has been handled from the day she was born and loves people. She is out of full Arabian stock on the Sire's side and out of a big Quarter Horse mare on the Dame's side. She is therefore expected to grow taller than a full Arabian.

Tundra - call for pricing


3 yo, Percheron/QH, grade, mare, dark grey, 15.1 hands


This mare is quiet and friendly. Not halter broke yet.

Tank - call for pricing


Born 07/2023, Percheron/QH, grade, colt, grey


This colt is quiet and friendly. He will be offered for sale once weaned in February 2024.

Skip Paint Me - call for pricing


Registered Paint, 6/28/22, colt, tobiano


This paint has been handled and will lead. He is out of big stout bred paints and is expected to grow stout and tall. If you are looking for a breeding prospect, here he is. Don't miss him.

Rolex - call for pricing


Born 04/2023, DHH/Quarter Horse, grade, colt, bay


Rolex is friendly and broke to lead. He is a super fancy mover and is expected to grow into a fancy horse.

Kalahari - call for pricing


3 year old, Musting, gelding, dun


Sweet and big for a mustang, a very good looking young horse. He has not been started yet.

Indy May - call for pricing


born 4/12/2023, TW filly, black, growing


This filly was born on our ranch with Suzy being her mom (see sold horses). She is gaited and as beautiful as her mom. Indy May is friendly and spends her time in the fillies' pasture growing up in a herd of young fillies until she is old enough to start her training.

Irish Music Tease - call for pricing


born 7/13/2023, registered Paint, filly, palomino & white, growing


This is a daughter of Notts Easy Irish Jet (see sold horses). She is beautiful and a very curious and playful little filly with a lot of spunk. She will be a blast to work with once she is old enough. A very friendly girl.

Watonga with Class - call for pricing


Born 6/2/2023, registered paint, filly, red dun, growing


A very laid back and friendly filly. Her mother is here with us raising another foal. Watonga loves to be petted and is very curious.

*Terms and conditions when buying a horse from us


First of all, thank you for considering one of our horses. Whether you come out in person to try our horses or buy off a video advertised online or on a 3rd party site, please read below so you know how we handle our sales and what to expect.


Once you decide to buy a horse, we issue a Bill of Sale. At that point in time, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required and will hold your horse for 7 days from the date on the bill of sale, i.e. if someone else comes out to see horses, we will not show the horse you put a deposit on during those 7 days. Our horses sell with our PPE included and provided by us. Within 10 days from signing the bill of sale your payment in full is required and the horse has to be picked up. If it doesn’t get picked up within 10 days our boarding fees of $20/day start on day 11, as well as any other service fees for grooming, bathing, farrier, vet and training, those will all become your responsibility.


Unless otherwise specifically stated on the Bill of Sale you signed, these terms, conditions and timelines apply.


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