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Clay $4500.-


3 year old, Quarter Horse, greade, gelding, 15.1 hands, grey


Clay is broke to ride and will make a flashy horse. He is very athletic and has an amazing canter. He is suitable for any discipline. He loves to go to work and you won't have to ask him twice for anything. Very sweet horse on the ground and easy to work around.

Blaze $5100.-


8 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, sorrel


Blaze is a ver flashy looking gelding with a very nice compact build. He rides for anyone and can be used for any discipline. He is flashy enough for the English show ring and safe to be anyone's trail horse. Blaze is a very quiet horse to ride. He is super friendly and will go anywhere you want him to go and stand tied to wait for you no matter where you are or how far away you are taking him from his buddies. Push-to-go-ride.


Video Ring

Pixel $7800.-


3 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 15.1 hands, red roan


Pixel is a very sweet horse and is very nice to work around, groom and bathe. Pixel has just been started under saddle on our farm here. He needs finishing but is a very smart and willing horse. He can go any direction. He is learning how to neck rein and he already wtc under saddle. He rides out quiet on trails and around the ranch alone or with others. Good with cattle. He has also been off property and ridden around busy showgrounds. Finish him your way.


Video all around, less than 30 days under saddle

Video out on ranch, BU, stand up, WTC

Apache II $7200.-


3 year old, Appaloosa, grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, blanketed app


This horse will follow you around everywhere you go. He is in your pocket, all the time. A very sweet horse that has been broke to ride on our farm. He wtc quietly and is an easy horse to teach. He is more push-to-go and curious and learns quickly. He has been started neck reining and he trail rides anywhere. Apache II has also been off property and ridden around busy showgrounds. He just loves to be with his human all day long.


Video Ring wtc western

Video Ring English with poles wtc

Video: Rope and standing up

Video: WTC out on ranch

Rose $6500.-


2 year old, Percheron/Friesan X, grade, mare, 16.2 hands, growing, black


A very fancy beautiful big mare with her entire life ahead of her. Make her what you want her to be. She has not been broke to ride yet. Rose has a sweet personality and a quiet disposition.


Video Movement

Nespresso $4500.-


born 9/2020, Friesan Sporthorse, grade, gelding, 13.2h(in 4/2021), growing, black


This young weanling is as sweet as they come. He leads, ties, loves to be groomed, stands for farrier, goes anywhere you go. He is a pretty mover and has a lot of potential. If you are looking for a baby to bond and grow with, don't miss this sweetheart.


Video Movement

Rhythm $4100.-


Born in 2019, Friesan/DutchX, grade, gelding, 15.1 (10/10/2020), black


This is a young beautiful horse. He is friendly and has been handled a lot on the ground. He is easy to catch in the field and he stays quiet in a stall. He turns out well with others. He will grow tall and make a magnificent horse for someone looking to bring along a horse. Rhythm can be groomed, bathed, trimmed, led...

He was gelded in August of 2020. He is currently (end of 2021) getting used to a saddle and will start riding by spring of 2022. He has been off property and led around busy show grounds on multiple occasions. Trailers very quietly. Price will increase with more training so grab him now. Friesan Crosses are hard to come by.


short video clip of his movement

short video of his canter


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