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Equestrian Resolutions strives to find a perfect horse-match for you as a rider, no matter what discipline. We train all horses on the ground and in the saddle. We strongly believe that training begins on the ground, from the moment you walk up to the horse and how you approach it. While we train and sell horses, we also provide training for the rider or future owner. We can help you with whatever you need. We stand behind our horses and guarantee soundness for 30 days (ask us for details).

Welcome to our new trainer Meaghan! We are so excited you are joining our team!



Meaghan (trainer),  started off riding right at the young age of 5 at Olympian Nona Garson’s The Ridge in Tewksbury, New Jersey. She continued on to start showing competitively on the “A” circuits at just 8 years old and has been going ever since. Meaghan continuously thanks her rare, long list of opportunities in the show world for giving her knowledge and humbleness in the sport she so very much loves. With an impressive show record and winning record too long to list, she prides herself on many individual people, horses, and experiences in her professional career, but some more reflective than others. Some of these moments include the High Point Rider award at Princeton Show Jumping, winning the USET Talent search jumper phase, a successful junior career in the Big Equitation, Pony Jumpers, and 1.20 jumpers, importing and bringing along top horses, working with top trainers, and riding in Germany with Wally Shaker learning about the top training in European horses. Meaghan has worked with one of the East Coast’s biggest trainers for over 6 years, worked for big names such as Jessica Springsteen, traveled from various HITS shows, finals, and continues attending WEF in Wellington for the winters. Meaghan also has a long list of impressive catch rides in the hunter rings, and has a passion for importing green, “hot,” or “nervous” horses and takes her time  working on them, and then selling them to top, wonderful homes. More than three of these horses have gone on to win 1.20 classes, hunter derbies and one mare currently competing at Grand Prix level. During her downtime she has a strong passion for rescuing horses and cultivating young riders into top show competitors. Meaghan can’t seem to stress enough the importance to remember what riding is about- to enjoy, care, and understand the horses always. Meaghan is beyond excited to join her favorite Equestrian Resolutions to implement showing in a fun, safe, knowledgeable and beautiful facility that truly cares about their customers and their horses.


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Bob Ebner (owner), previous owner of Touch of Class Farm, has been selling horses for decades. He has life-long experience in training horses on the ground and in the saddle and has been one of the most respected in the horse industry. If you need help with your horse's manners, Bob provides training on the ground for your horse. He will fix any problem-horse (tying, trailer-loading, work in the round-pen etc. etc.). His riding background is western, breaking and training horses. Bob is one of the few licensed Horse Dealers by the State of NJ.

Nora Stevens (owner) was raised and trained in Switzerland and rides English and Western disciplines. Nora speaks four languages and graduated from the conservatory in Zurich, Switzerland, with a masters degree in music performance. Her previous profession as a musician has taken her all over the world but her main love has always been horses and she graduated with an "Equigarde"-License from the Swiss National Stud Farm qualifying her to run and operate a full-scale professional horse training and boarding facility. She grew up in a renowned Swiss Equestrian Center “Im Säget” and has ridden and worked with horses from a very young age, showing horses Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. Her instructors in  Switzerland were the renowned Paulina Heerenga (Dutch origin), Ruth Schneeberger (Australian Dressage Specialist), and Christian Steinman (Swiss Show Jumper). For 10 consecutive years, Nora spent summers in Ireland working for a big eventing Show Barn as part of her family had moved to Ireland. Later on she spent a year in New Zealand, joined the Hunt Club and showed jumpers and eventers during her stay, always riding/showing many different horses and showing up to 5 horses/day. Nora now focuses on finishing green horses and turning them into all-around safe family type horses that can go on to the show ring or start a career with challenged riders. She teaches them to ride Western, English Dressage and Show Jumping, gets them used to country riding and makes them road worthy. Nora's training approach to horses is based on the training of the Swiss Freiberger Horse, which is an extremely versatile Swiss breed suitable and trainable for any discipline. References for horses that were sold after her training can be obtained upon request. Her goal is to train a well-balanced all around safe horse.


Nora is the head-trainer and manager at Equestrian Resolutions. Lessons in all disciplines are available from Nora and her associate trainers. She is also a licensed Horse Dealer by the State of NJ.


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