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14 year old, Quarter Horse Cross, grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, black. This horse is a friendly and as easy to ride as they come. Hop on English or Western ring or trails and even jump a little course. He is a ton of fun. He loves attention and will follow you around anywhere you go. Perfect first time owner horse.


3 year old, OTTB, gelding, 15.2 hands, bay.

Octo is a very friendly and quiet OTTB gelding. He is easy to ride wtc English or Western. His gaits are easy to sit to. Octo also sits well, which is unusual for a TB, he rides the same whether it's every day or once every 2 weeks. This cute young man has his whole life ahead of him and can go in any direction.

Video Flat


12 year old, Quarter Horse, grade, gelding, 16 hands, black.

Huntley is a tall and stocky horse. He is a nice ride and will wtc quiet for anyone. He is forgiving if you are stil learning. His canter is very easy to sit to. Huntley is all black with highlights in his mane. Friendly and nice to work around on the ground.


10 year old, Warmblood X, grade, gelding, 16.1 hands, bay. A big quiet horse with extremly comfortable gaits. This horse is suited for anyone looking to trail ride, hunter pace or ring ride including jumping. It is hard to find a big horse this easy to ride. Benson goes English and Western and rides well even if he sits in the field for a week or so.

My Snazzy RV

15 year old, registered Quarter Horse, gelding, 15.2 hands, bay.

A quiet been-there-done-that gelding who will wtc quiet. Ideal lesson horse or family addition. Goes in the ring or on trails. This horse has some western pleasure background and knows how to collect.



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13 year old, Paint, grade, gelding, 15.2, sorrel & white. Kenny is extremly friendly and easy to ride. He will ride English or Western with a kid or an adult. He is a very safe push-to-go ride. Kenny has a beautiful face and coloring and would make a great family addition for a first time horse owner or step up for a kid going from a pony to a horse. He also does well teaching lessons and could go to a lesson program.

Video Flat

Video wtc in a Halter


8 year old, Appendix, gelding, 15.2 hands, bay.

Harley is a very friendly horse. He loves to be around people and loves attention. He has taught many how to ride and his canter stays quiet even if his rider is still learning. He is responsive enough a kid can ride him. Harley will also take you safely over a cross rail, all you hav to do is aim at it. This horse will ride English or Western.


2.5 year old, registered Haflinger, gelding, growing (14.2hh Sept.2020), palomino.

Nasdaq is the half-brother to Micholob. They are both very gentle and friendly Haflingers. These two horses drive together or single and they are both gentle to harness. They both have been started under saddle wtc. These two geldings are exceptional Haflingers and will grow tall for their breed.

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6 year old,  Paint Cross, gelding, 16 hands, sorrel. This horse is very flashy and could do well in a show ring. Prism will catch anyone's eye. He is and elegant horse, floats but he is quiet horse. He is a bit shy but once he knows you, he will bond. He goes English or Western and is easy to ride in the ring or on trails.


Video Flat western

Video English with extended trot


11 year old, registered Dutch Horse, gelding, 17 hands, sorrel. Weron is respectful on the ground and will come up to you in the field. He is a big horse but easy to ride. He is quiet and rides and drives. Weron will wtc in the ring and on trails. He would make an excellent husband horse. You can ride him English, Western, or barback with just a halter and leadline around the farm. Weron does not have a huge stride for a big horse which makes him easy to sit to.

Cooper II

10 year old, Solid Paint, Grade, gelding, 15.2 hands, sorrel. Cooper is a beautiful all around horse. He goes very quiet and is a push-to-go ride. He rides in the ring and on trails. His gaits are very comfortable to sit to and he has an elegant movement. Cooper has been exposed to a lot and you can't spook this horse. He is extremely friendly and quiet on the ground no matter where you go.

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3 year old, Quarter Horse Cross, gelding, 14.3 hands, palomino. Prince is a friendly and quiet horse. He loves people and attention and will always come up to you in the field. He is quiet to ride and will go in the ring and on trails. Prince is a young horse with a good solid start under saddle. He is easy to ride and only needs a little finishing in the ring.


4 year old, Paint, grade, gelding, 15 hands, sorrel & white. Jualisco is very broke for his young age and will go anywhere you point him. A very nice elegant little horse you can finish your own way. He was started correctly and will wtc both ways. He is light on his feet and a very sweet little guy.


11 year old, Quarter Horse Cross, gelding, 16 hands, Palomino Dun. Rip is as quiet as they come. Nothing phases this guy. He is very good looking and safe for a beginner to ride. Rip wtc in the ring and has a very nice quiet lope for a big horse. Rip is definitely a push to go ride.



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